Well we spent the day on the lower north shore. Meeting up, as is becoming usual, at Gordon. Turned left this time onto the Pacific Highway. Started with a cache in Chatswood. Then Artarmon, Crows Nest and ended up in Naremburn. (the last one is famous hey!) We found the following caches: No rest for the wicked, Still the One?, Gilroy’s Shout, A Trip down Memory Lane, and Mrs Hartnett’s Pleasure.

There was a gap in the rain for the first few but the last ones were done in the rain. We had afternoon tea (courtesy of the Chinese supermarket in Chatswood) in the car while the worst of the rain passed. We even had mr Lotti’es pokky from Korea. The list price on the packet was ₩700. We paid $1.20, so this was not unreasonable given how far it had to travel.

The new GPS performed superbly. Though there does not seem to be a way to unmark a cache if you have accidentally marked it as found.


the spot


  1. Geocaching looks like of fun – I didn’t realise there were so many of them!

  2. The Korean pocky knock-offs where only $1 a box, actually. Unfortunately, the places selling the same product locally in Newcastle want $2.95 for them. :-/ … I have plans the next time I’m in Chatswood..

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