The Jack-‘o-Lantern. This one is by Kirsten Leah who was very careful not to end up in Hospital. We nearly did a modern one in Water mellon. I think is is strange that people use these. Obviously it is a matter of form and fashion over the story. The story seems to go like this.

  • Jack was an evil person who would not go to heaven.
  • Jack tricked and trapped the devil.
  • Jack stored the devil in the jack-o-lantern.
  • Jack let the devil go when he signed a contract to let his soul be completely free and never have to go to hell.
The lanterns are much older than this story. So I guess that the story probably has a celtic origin with Celtic gods. It sounds very like a Celtic story. And the story is that only evil people need to put out jack-o-lanterns as they are the ones who need to be saved from their sins.



  1. Kent pumpkin
    Also known as a Jap pumpkin, the Kent has ribbed, grey-green mottled skin and a nutty, deep yellow flesh. It’s great mashed, roasted or steamed, or carved.
    Is it good for me?
    Pumpkin is an excellent source of beta carotene. It also contains dietary fibre, potassium, and vitamins C and E.
    We saved the contents and made delicious pumpkin soup

  2. It must have been the evil Kirsten who carved the pumpkin.
    Actually the traditional vegetables are turnips and parsips. If we made or one from each then we could have yummy vegetable soup. I’m sure the others are a good source of some vitamit or mineral.

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