Higland Festival

I visited Bundanoon with Keat. I have some Scottish blood in my family tree. On one side we have the Balgowans and further back the Shands of Ryhnie and Essie in Aberdeenshire. I guess that they were Jacobite’s and left at the end of the last Jacobite rebellion during the land clearances. In this time, wearing a kilt was considered an act of war and was banned under the Dress Act 1746.

My grandfather had a tractor like this on his farm near Jingellic, NSW. I used to drive it when I was between 9 to 12. You can see that the man’s feet are on leavers on the side. To have enough force to push both down at the same time, I had to stand up.

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After this we went to Belmore Falls. Well, the falls were not visible, but we could faintly hear the falling water.


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