Commenting Tuesday

My two bob’s worth on the design options for the new Kent Street Cycleway Proposals.

I am Brian Yap, a member of the committee of Bike Marrickville, though this is a personal submission.
I have had a look at both the plans. I think from a cyclists point of view, I prefer option one. This is because:

  1. When people are getting in and out of cars they often have other things to get out of the car. In the option 1 case there will be more room for them to get out, collect their things that may be int he car and then move on. The Option 2 median will be quite narrow and hence people will tend to spill out of it and onto the cycleway.
  2. It is much safer for the pedestrians to cross the cycleway at a controlled crossing rather than at many locations across the cycleway as they will stop at the crossing and try to dash across else where.
  3. The road system is set up for people to be on the left when parking. It is safer for many cars to be pulling out of short term parking to be doing so on the left side of the road as the driver can look our the right mirror and have a better view of passing traffic.

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