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My old phone has steadily been declining. Alicia gave up in disgust. And by about three weeks ago, the select button would get stuck down, madly selecting the first option. I think I made a few calls that were quickly abandoned and may have sent a few SMSs. So I decided I needed to get a new mobile. Initially I looked on the web and, while my preference was for Telstra, they did not have a phone I wanted. I settled to stay with 3 and get a N95. So off to Bondi Junction I went. But lo, there are no N95 phones available. So I went on the waiting list. Well today, about 2 weeks later I finally got the phone.

1. Unpack and install – easy enough.
2. copy all the data off my old phone, took a while as I was using blue tooth and the phone has several audio, picture and video files.
3. Apple decided that my mac need an urgent update installed, so I install it hoping that the drivers for the new phone may be in the os update. They are not.
4. Try to sync with the new phone using isync. It fails – the phone is not a supported one. But I knew this and have a backup plan.
5. Log into Nokia – Asia. Well they think that the N95 does not exist. Though, interestingly, they will sell you accessories for the phone.
6. Try to log into the my nokia site as per the phone instruction book. It is still trying to load the page 20 minutes later.
7. Do a google search. Find the blog with the link to the Nokia supplied drivers. They are on a server in Europe.
8. Download and install the drivers. It works.
9. Run isync again. It loads lots of data and then claims to fail. However, looking at the phone, the data seems to be there. Well at least the calendar is. I need to work out how to see the phone numbers.
10. I found the contacts very easily. And yay the phone numbers are there. It asks me if I want to copy the numbers, I say yes. Is this a good decision? I do not know. Looking at the phone list, definitely a mistake. Now all the entires appear twice.
11. After a bit of stuffing around, I discover that there is an easy way to delete the entries, but I also discover that the buttons are really sensitive and keep on ending up in strange locations on the phone. At one stake it takes a while to discover the list of people again. But it is done!
12. Discover that magic icon – settings….
13. Put the phone on auto update for time, change the clock to 24 hour.
14. The phone comes with one song – in my heart by moby. Never heard it before. 4 minutes long, I am listening…
15. While I am listening to this strange song, put he dinky plastic display protector on the display.
16. Give up on the song.
17. Press the applications icon. The song has not stopped! That was a bit boring, but is has skype.
18. playing with all the other icons. Yay, the music stopped.
19. Connecting to my wireless lan router. Wishing I had not chosen a key that is so hard to enter on a mobile phone.
20. It said access denied! but then it worked. I dannae understand.
21. Took a while. I logged into my wireless router. No phone, but after a few attempts there is a phone. I logged into my home page at Yay.
22. going to flikr now. A fuly blown web site works well on the phone. very small print but. It uses the same engine as safari, which I knew from my research. I wanted a real browser. yay.
23. Looking for the camera, not obvious from here. It’s in applications!
24. Blast the real camera is operated by opening the lens. Duh!
25. sending the first picture, a photo of this blog, to flickr.
26. Still sending…
27. Sent, off to flickr to see the image. Not there yet. Sometimes they take a little while.
28. My nokia still has not loaded. Maybe I should try safari. (… safari did not work)
29. SRE is a game, not the video recorder.
30. The photo has uploaded. No gps data, but the GPS is turned off. I am inside. It is blurry. Way to close to the subject.
31. Sending the first video to blip TV.
32. Decided to take a better photo. But the camera moved into landscape mode. Hard to use the key pad in this mode. 🙁
33. Photo still lousey. Video upload worked. Quality also poor. Need to look at the settings.
34. Had to manually set up the incoming email bit, username and password. Again it says it failed, but all the emails arrived.
35. Arranged to receive a SMS. this works ok.
36. Made a call. the call quality was excellent. But lots of strange little beeps. Maybe it was me?

enough for now.

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