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  1. 2009-11-26
    Man: they uninstalled that
    Man1: who thought we are like this? M2: the catholics did
    Man: they were saying I was too considerate, now they are saying I was not considerate enough
    Man: they are going to explain why they can’t accept this point of view
    Man: it’s because he’s been typecast Woman: were we typecast?
    Man: after all of that he didnt kniw a thimg. So he wrote the bicycle bit.
    Various people: it’s a life style! They still won’t admit!
    Man: who speaks like that? M2: spike milligan does
    Teenage girl: today’s my last day of 12 months probation, for bashing another girl. Other girl: we can’t associate with her because then they will think we are guilty.
    Man: we can’t believe that they said that!
    Man: then i don’t know at all
    Man: the bastard changes the assumptions!
    Woman: they said we think like this, we don’t!
    Child: in that case, I give up!
    Man: oh no, the cops did
    Man: they said he signed that, they really did.
    Man: on the fucking record!
    Woman: I understand that he is slow because he works in great detail
    Woman: speaks of Chechnya, Man: it was not even signed properly
    Woman: you have to admit that he does not think like that!
    Man: I’m on diet, I can’t have iced coffee
    Man: oh oh, he does
    Woman: oh fuck, they are his friends kids!
    Girl: I can’t believe they have
    Boy: that’s the one: je shr yi ge mei
    Man: it’s sad when that happens
    Man shouts out of a car window, get a hair cut!
    Woman: the mind readers are, they didn’t know a thing.
    Man: you said ge was upper class
    Woman: you still fucking said we are filthy!
    Man: they can’t even tell him
    Man: they said we don’t like this. They fucking are!
    Man: you are fucking going to explain the dongle bit
    Man: the designation is c M2: yes cs
    Man: when you get to 22 & 100 you go blind.
    Man: they said he can’t help himself
    Man: they won’t say why they said he would dream like that, they really won’t
    Man: yes they are conversion factors

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