Marrickville Crime

Well the numbers really are not good (they are per 100,000 units).

Steal From a Motor Vehicle

4 North Sydney 2866.7
5 Marrickville 2377.7
6 Woolahra 2240.2 6

Motor Vehicle Theft

3 Campbelltown 1525.4
4 Marrickville 1479.0
5 Liverpool 1472.0

Break and Enter Dwelling

8 Gilgandra 1941.7
9 Marrickville 1844.0
10 Wollongong 1836.3

Westmead does not appear in the top 15 in the state for any of these. Also, this is Marrickville LGA. I need to see if I can get a finer break down. For instance in Holroyd Westmead is also not in the to 5 and the top 5 count for 80% off all the crime.

Here is another page.

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