Sydney Camera Market and Dank Street Fair

Today I did a few things. I went, for the second time, to the Sydney Camera Market. There were a few photo bloggers wandering the stalls. Mostly the market has a collection of very old cameras. They even had a table of free stuff. Though there are some more modern lenses. There are very few. I picked up a ND filter for only $18, which is much cheaper than a new one. But I have no idea of it’s value as a second hand item. Again there was a single, but different, 3d film camera. There were not many digital cameras. I think I find the market a little disappointing.

After that I went to the Dank Street Festival. As I walked up there was a sign in one of the industrial complexes saying no church parking. In the next building, there were many people, so I decided to go in. On the way in, I was welcomed. I wandered around for about a minute and decided that this was quite likely the church. I was a little on the wrong foot, so decided to leave. On the way out I was thanked for visiting. And then on the footpath, a man asked me what I thought. Across the road I could see that it was a hill song church. One day I might have to go in and see a service in real life.

The festival itself was well run, full of people, had high quality food and mundane art. I think that was the problem. The festival suffered from being very mundane. I was not inspired and after walking around and after a drink and an ice cream, I left.

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