SPB Day Trip III – Kangaroo Valley

Well we headed off to Kangaroo Valley this time because Emma took some photos there and suddenly every one else had to go there. It’s a nice spot.We went via the inland route and came back out via the coast road. We started out early in the morning. The first stop was in the Southern Highlands, at Cecil Hoskins National Park. It is very close to the main highway. And was very muddy. At one point one of the bull dog ants gallantly saved it’s colony from the evil Mike.

We now continued on our southerly journey. The next stop was Fitzroy Falls National Park.We wandered over to the closest of the lookouts and took some pictures. As I suffer from vertigo, I always stress out when standing on the edge of a lookout when I am actually past the end of the cliff.

We now headed down the road into the Kangaroo Valley and stopped where there is the only suspension bridge of it’s type in NSW. There were also lots of cicada shells from the night before.

One the way back, in Berry we stopped to have some of the famous (from another SPB camping trip) doughnuts.
We took the road down past Nowra, to Shoalhaven Heads. I had never been out to the heads before.
And finally, on the way home we stopped at the lighthouse and blow hole at Kiama. We were there at the wrong tide for the blow hole to be operating.

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