Well, finally I got the broken computer back, fixed and with a new HD to boot. It took about 2 hours for time machine to back up the boot drive. How lucky was I that I installed it 2 days before the computer died. I have yet to update the windows part. I do not think I will install a boot camp partition this time. Rather I will use parallels to install windows. All the emails I read during November have become unread again and now there are 500 emails in my in box. That also took hours to download and resynchronise.

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  1. now that the computer is back with fixed memory and a bigger hd, time to restore it, go get some breakfast while it is doing it. Then spend some time updating everything… it’s all working fine so far. tho for some reason mail decided to reimport all my mail, which took a while and now I’m struggling to get it to talk to my pop server.

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