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Fickr have introduced a new stats page. It shows some interesting results. For instance, in the last month I uploaded an image from my mobile phone of Ned Kelly in the town of Jerilderie. As they were having a festival in 2008 for the famous Jerilderie letter, I put said letter in the description of the image. Then in the last week, Flickr introduced a stats package that shows where the viewers came from. Interestingly this image was getting a lot of traffic from Yahoo. Here are the top 25 searches that people used. They are hysterical.
1 dog in a cadge
2 right to a speedy,fair trial
3 dogs that live with another animal and do not…
4 putting hand under the rain
5 i dont believe god brought me this far just…
6 turkeys bad people
7 animated right use of medicine
8 appearance of an aids patience
9 turning of the wheel of truth
10 dropping something off
11 back future town clock
12 animated money pounds
13 right to speedy, fair trial
14 dr. king getting arrested
15 cut your own pine tree
16 fencing jacket
17 colonial paper maker
18 fair, speedy, public trial
19 victorian poor people
20 dogs blowing their coats
21 6 mile gang signs
22 reach down to help a person
23 evidence of victorian coming to reading
24 i want to hang myself by the neck
25 farmers keep them eating
and the image:
“poor ned better off dead” by yewenyi [?]
poor ned better off dead
oh and the next and last 24
26 british signs articles of piece
27 animated lazy person
28 blood hand signs street gang
29 religion people always shove it down your…
30 father and son cattle drive
31 anything war can do peace can do better
32 blood gang signs
33 strapping boy
34 two+people+having =+a+conversation+or+a+fight
35 the writing on liberty bell
36 cutting tree more than required
37 back business suit
38 one tree hill season five
39 animated dog laughing
40 save the earth posters
41 human body from toe to chest
42 first aid for cuts on hands
43 every little bit can make difference
44 working your finger to the bone
45 woman handcuffed
46 animated drive by shooting
47 rich victorian children at school
48 blood gang hand signs
49 images showing cruelty to bull

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