dishwasher drama

For some reason a man from telstra was concerned about me emailing reminders to myself to buy a dishwasher. I wonder how he knew?

And the drama goes on…

I decided to order my dishwasher online as it was very significantly cheaper and I though I would try out this new method.

  • LG Dishwasher LD1403W1
  • LG Microwave MS2647GR

Here is the drama so far, I will update this post with new info as it evolves.

  • Sunday 13 Jan, Mr Dishwasher (the office’s term for phil) calls to advise that I will recive my dishwasher on Monday 14 Jan at 2-3 PM.
  • Monday 14 Jan, Mr Dishwasher calls to say he could not pick up the dishwasher as the paper work was not ready. He advised that I called the office.
  • I called the office. And arranged a new time, for Thursday 17 Jan.
  • Late Monday 14 Jan. Mr Dishwashe calls to adise he can install it at 7AM Tuesday 15 Jan. I agree.
  • Tuesday 15 Jan. Mr Dishwasher called from the warehouse. They do not have any dishwashers of this model in stock. Nor do they have my new microwave. Suggests I call the office again.
  • Spoke with the office again. they are very pleasant and helpful. He checked. There is an delivery from LG due tomorrow. He went away and checked and confirmed it contains my two ordered items.
  • Wednesday 16, the new Mr Dishwasher, Lou, called. He is coming around tomorrow at 11 AM. Will call if there is trouble again by 8AM.
  • Thursday 17 Jan. It’s 8AM. I started my mobile doing a backup to the PC at about midnight last night. It is about 10% complete. Blast. Log onto the web. No message from Lou. This is a good sign. Waiting for 11 AM.
  • Thurdsay 17 Jan. 12:00 PM. Well he was meant to be here between 11 and 12. So I called at 12. He is leaving Bondi. So I pop down to the monger of fish and get some fish, chips and salad.
  • 1:00 PM, He is here. Like all, he does not like the curvey stairs. He groans when he sees the arrangement. It takes him 1 hour and 45 minutes to install the dishwasher. He drills 2 hoes in the cupboard. Takes off the lid of the dishwasher to make it fit. it still sticks out at the front. And the man I asked when looking to select the model, said that they are all the same size. I think he lied. He also installed about 1 foot of copper pipe. But now it works and after this I will put in the first load.
  • On the down side, they did not have the Microwave. I will speak to them about this. As the warehouse is in Botany, I can probably pick it up directly from the warehouse.
  • The first load worked fine. No problems. 🙂
  • Fri 18 Jan. I am at work, just after 8AM. A man calls from appliances on line and says he will be at my place in half an hour. Well, it’s a bit sad that I am not there. So we rearrange the delivery. Monday, anytime to my work.
  • Mon 21 Jan. 7:15 AM The microwave delivery man calls, says he will be at my work at 8AM, it is raining. At 9AM I call him. He says he could not find the address. I confirm it with him again. He will come tomorrow.
  • Tue 22 Jan: 12:56 PM. Well I have received the microwave. I was beginning to wonder where they were. But the man called 15 minutes before and then still cold not find the place. But it’s sorted and I have received my box. Well the box is a little water damaged. Hopefully the microwave is in working order.
  • Tue 22 Jan: 8ish PM Installed the microwave. it slides around a bit in it’s hole. Put a cup of water in and pressed the go button. It became warm. Good so far.

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the aftermath: Well I have used both the utensils now. I am happy with both. The microwave is so much smaller than the previous one that I am worried if things will fit in, but they do and it fits in the hole. The dishwasher is working well. I am happy because it has a hidden heating element. This means I can put top shelf only stuff on the bottom shelf. Good for the big bits of plastic.

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