Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-06

  • Teresa, 2yo says Chinese words with the correct tones, but the sounds aren't quite right. Krysta, 6yo, gets the sounds right, tones wrong. #
  • @mirvettium @atablefortwo mock duck, mock chicken, mock beef, mock pork… in reply to mirvettium #
  • #popcorn #
  • #reinventing #
  • Who invented this waking up bit anyway? #
  • Many old people's heading into the Sydney Football Stadium. #
  • Picnic on the Lilydale Warburton rail trail #
  • Internet Evolution – Scott Koegler – SMTP Relay Providers See Growth & Risk via @NetEvolution #
  • @merejames @stilgherrian @ozdj we should sell little twitter god shrines for people to pray at before making their tweet. in reply to merejames #
  • December 21, 2012 is simply the day that the calendar will go to the next b'ak'tun. – Time for a party? #
  • #blankDVDs #
  • A near collision incident with a nudie truck. #
  • Today's scg crowd are couples in their twenties wearing thongs. #
  • Is resorting to the backup icypole stick #morningCoffee #
  • Swimming @ Emerald Lake Park #
  • At the top of Wellington st redfern rode the gt3 through a cloud of smoke emanating from a Telstra man hole surrounded by nsw police. #
  • Used the last of the bonza eggs :-/ #
  • The radar loop keeps on timing out. #
  • @jarodface @lizosaurus catoholics anonymous in reply to jarodface #
  • Today's scg crowd. 99% male. 40-60's wearing boring upper middle class clothes. #
  • At the pool #
  • Everything you need to know about statistics (but were afraid to ask) via @ConversationEDU #
  • BBC News – Google Street View explores post-tsunami Japan #
  • It would seem thaty if I am mining or sequestering green house gasses I can chop down all the trees on the house block. #
  • big screen #
  • no-one seems interested in the scg today. #
  • The Australian plate's velocity is 67 mm/yr at 35 degrees east of north. Assuming constant speed that's 3.5 meters in my life. #
  • I walk at an average warp speed of 5.6E-9. Clearly I won't catch up with the enterprise very quickly. #
  • @atablefortwo french cooking and New Zealand Butter. Sparks may fly! in reply to atablefortwo #
  • @richardthewatts @jevoislafemme @incrediblemelk clearly they were a serions threat to the establishment and the nation! 😛 in reply to richardthewatts #
  • Turning up at a bus stop and trusting that the bus will be on time. #
  • Still the evil hot mail has us on it's block list. #
  • Smells smoke, faint, distant, wonders what is burning. #

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