The new plant

Well, the old plant never look healthy after moving house. Late last week it finally succumbed. So on the weekend I headed off with Keat to wander the nurseries. We started out in Penrith, where is a nursery that specializes in natives. Then we went back to the nursery where she works. There they had some of the plants I was looking at in mature form. This was good and after some more discussion with some of her co workers, I decided on a plant to replace the ones in the south planter that came with the house. I also bought a plant to replace the dead one. This is not a native, but being a climber, it will grow over the privacy barrier and hopefully prevent the neighbors cat from getting onto my balcony. It is the Dipladenia Sanderi Rubra.

“the new plant” by yewenyi [?]
the new plant
the new plant

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