Other things Wednesdays – 932 MPGe

The other day I saw a debate about the MPGe calculations for Electric only cars. They all seem to be at or just below 100 MPGe (equivalent Miles Per Gallon). Then, by chance, I down loaded a tracking program for the bike. It also gives the amount of calories expended. So I decided to do a quick calculation for the MPGe of the trike. Looking around the internet it seems that the general consensus is that the amount of calories in a liter of petrol is about 8,000 to 9,000. Form here it was just a scaling exercise. I also did a return trip so that the altitude gain and loss was nulled out.

Calories Expended            - 392.
Distance                     - 17.27 km
Equivalent volume of petrol  - 0.044 liters
Kilometres Per Liter (Equiv) - 396
MPGe                         - 932

CQ09 Day1 Toowoomba

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