Driving to Melbourne

My first trailer load of stuff to take to Melbourne. I carefully packed the trailer before remembering that the trailer had a slow leak in one tyre. Luckily the pump reached from the 12V DC outlet in the back of the car and I was able to just pump it up. When I got in the car I discovered that the outside temperature was -40 degrees C. I guess that the radio unit is the same in all the models. But someone had configured it incorrectly. The car came without a temperature sensor and hence the temperature was at it’s minimum.

I stopped in Holbrook at the Submarine cafe for lunch. You can see from the stop in Tarcutta that the trailer hitch had been installed by the car yard upside down. I did not realise until I was into the trip. Later they fixed it at no cost.

I was late in Seymour where the horses are not allowed to walk on footway.


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