Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-16

  • @asphotos yes we should, though I have always thought mexicans live south of tweed heads and hence I am one already. in reply to asphotos #
  • You get a nice view from the top of the stairs, but it is a bugger when you are moving. #
  • My heart rate is 107bpm. #instantheartrate #
  • The bag, upside down drops its stuff. Brian's book of moving. #
  • Clicked the button saying that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, which is of course, a lie. #
  • Wonders if the man who said he hates the Chinese because of the Beijing olympics now hates the English because of the London Olympics. #
  • #simpletons #
  • Evil dogmas, stupid extrapolations. #
  • @mpesce an American man once said to me that they should put a sign on food saying obesity kills, like they do with warnings on cigarettes. in reply to mpesce #
  • @keandrews you could try singing a song about bluebirds and rainbows… in reply to keandrews #
  • #dope #
  • The current multi day trip endith and now it is time to unpack and reorganize. #
  • Any ideas on doing egg flower when microwaving noodles? Mine never seems to come out right. #
  • Chicken in the house,
    Chicken in the house,
    Bigger than a mouse,
    Chicken in the house. #
  • @stilgherrian @en_gy it should come with an audio tag… Rule Britannia… in reply to stilgherrian #
  • Suspects this database is wrong. Los Angeles is not in the Hong Kong SAR, or did I miss a revolution? #
  • @asphotos maybe you should use top gear rather than top gar. :-p in reply to asphotos #
  • #falsifications #
  • #blackChickens #
  • How a leap day bug crashed a cloud platform #
  • @merejames we cant afford an expensive wedding. Kirsten was talking of people spending $30K! Home grown is the best way. in reply to merejames #
  • My new Myki didn't work – rejected. Missed my train. The railway woman tried to help, but couldn't. Had to buy a day ticket. πŸ™ #
  • Photo Mondays – 2012 March 12 – Enmore Fireworks #1 #
  • @mykimate it says rejected. Online it says inactive. I got it dec 2010, but had not used it till today as my move took longer than expected. in reply to mykimate #
  • @atablefortwo @monkeypushovertree @norbs @asphotos tres good! πŸ™‚ in reply to atablefortwo #
  • #ζ―–_εˆΊε•¦uε—² #
  • #petrolHeads #
  • The nice 688 bus, which is running a bit early, stopped for a while so Richard could get on the bus. #
  • @merejames the mount dandenong national park rangers might complain that the goat is eating the national park. in reply to merejames #
  • @ladyseraph don't be too busy. πŸ˜‰ in reply to ladyseraph #
  • Looked up as the bus was on a forested dirt road. #worried Turns out to be a small long cut to get to a bus stop. #
  • Fierce winds, I said, looks like a blackout night tonight. Now three short losses of power. #
  • @atablefortwo the one behind the two infront is straight. in reply to atablefortwo #
  • #preDawn #
  • A man speaks of carbon negative bricked. #
  • Kerrisdale Mountain Railway #
  • AJC Cable Upgrade: #
  • Telstra still rules AU mobile, VHA struggles | Telecom Asia via @TelecomAsia #
  • The importance of evolving fast enough to develop defense mechanisms before you become extinct #dinosaurs #
  • Bust stops need push buttons so that the next bus stops at the stop. #
  • Smart passengers waiting at bus stops in the dark with torches to wave at the bus driver. #688 #
  • Respond, Micrcosoft Word, Respond! Don't Die… #notResponding #
  • Abbott's asylum seeker policy floats in murky legal waters via @ConversationEDU #
  • Why is the sea rising at different rates around Australia? β€Ί Ask an Expert (ABC Science) via @abcscience #
  • #bsod #
  • A man banging on the door of a route 0: sorry not in service tram. #
  • A man on a pa: closing doors. This tram is about to leave. #coughs well it will leave some time today. #cough #

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