The Russian Maffia

In the evening we headed down to a night club. It was plush and dark inside with lots of velvet. There were some girls up on a stage in bikinis dancing to the music. I had my backpack, did not trust the place and decided not to stay there. Even while I was holding some money in the dark a man came up and took a note out from the middle of the few notes I had. I felt it go, but was looking the wrong way and did not see who did it.

I headed out and back to my hotel – the hotel moscow. On the way there were many people in the street. Men in fancy black suits. Women in high heels and mini skirts, black tops and either black or red skirts. Black limousines cruised along the street. I carefully walked along the footpath around them all. Back at the hotel I went to sleep.

Much later there was a discussion. Some people in Sydney seemed to think that I had sneaked back out of my hotel. Mostly older men. Lots of younger people said that I had just gone to sleep. In fact, it seems that the people I was travelling with followed me back to the hotel to see where I was going. The latter is the case.

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