Other things Thursday's – 2012 April 5 – Paraxanthine

Recently listening to a radio show that refuted many of the claims made about caffeine, I decided to read up on the matter. There was lots of randomized billshit and supposition and a bit of good medicine. I suffer from high blood pressure worryingly there is a metabolic by product of caffeine. About 84 % of the caffeine I don’t urinate turns into Paraxanthine. One effect of this psychoactive stimulant is to: raises plasma epinephrine and diastolic blood pressure.
Alas, there is No mention of what percentage of caffeine is urinated against that which is metabolized. Also there is no mention of how much the blood pressure is raised against the amount of this stimulant. And I see no mention of its half life or how it is removed from the body.

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