spb saturday photo walk 25

For this photo walk we started at town hall and then walked through Pyrmont, over ANZAC bridge, to Rozelle, Annandale, Glebe Point, Glebe, Sydney University, Golden Grove before finishing at Kings in Newtown.

Sydney University

First we walked from Town Hall over the Prymont Bridge Road Bridge.

SydneySydneyDarling HarbourDarling HarbourDarling HarbourSydney
Then we wound our way through Pyrmont from the Pyrmont Bridge Road bridge to the Anzac Bridge.
Darling HarbourPyrmontPyrmontPyrmontPyrmontPyrmont
Then it was over the Anzac Bridge to Rozelle.
We walked through Rozelle.
We walked through Annandale.
AnnandaleAnnandaleAnnandaleAnnandaleAnnandaleGelebe Point
On though Glebe Point.
Gelebe PointGelebe PointGelebe PointGelebe PointGelebe PointGelebe Point
And then Glebe, where we stopped for lunch.
The through the grounds of Sydney University.
Sydney UniversitySydney UniversitySydney UniversitySydney UniversitySydney UniversitySydney University
And finally Golden Grove.
Golden GroveGolden GroveGolden GroveGolden GroveGolden GroveGolden Grove
Man: he said termalain
Man: oh shit, they know the question.
Woman: the police said, drop him!
Man: they said he won’t survive it.
Boy: oh shit they think he did, unhappy man: yes they did.
Boy: they said he wrote that. Man: yes and they need to explain the 100,000 part.
Man: then what were they talking about when they said back door kid.
Woman: the pricks won’t admit they thouht lke that.
Man: then why did you say we won’t!
Man: you bastards do think like that!
Man: there will be no more excuses!

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