Observation Tuesdays – the peoples of Sri Lanka

People here in australia say things like: Arthur C Clarke is in Sri Lanka and is one of those undesirable people who likes young boys and the nasty Sri Lankans allow this kind of thing. They then expect me to say how much I dislike Sri Lankans.
I refuse to do so for the following reasons.
At first I need to stop and think. I am astounded that anyone would say that. I would never be so racist. But I need to understand more about the situation. Clearly these accusers are ones I need to wonder about.
I have no way of knowing that Arthur C Clarke is like that. These people are unreliable witnesses and this proposition is unproved and I am not in a position to say that I do not know that such allegations are true myself as I ignorant on this topic.
It sounds to me like religious nutters who hate science. if they also said the same thing about some religious priests who I know there are such claims against and that I should likewise say I dislike the church, then I would be more accepting of the allegations.
I know several Sri Lankans. They are good people and I like them. I will not be drawn into some racist hate statement that would denigrate the people I know and Sri Lankans in general.
I find myself taking sides, should I support racist people’s who say I should hate Sri Lankans or should I support the Sri Lankans who do things like, in a national park on the banks of the Nepean River kindly offer me lunch and then give me a fork when they see that I am unfamiliar with eating with my fingers? I choose the Sri Lankans any day.

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