Today's train saga

Arrive on time at parliament station. As I do so, the announcement states that the next train will be the Alamein and the Glen Waverley has been cancelled. Look at the departures board. The next train is my Lilydale train. Suspect – things are stuffed up.
Departure board keeps resetting, but the trains do not change. I now notice that none of the trains say when they are expected and that they are out of order, except the later Lilydale train which arrives at 22 minutes.
The announcer now says that all trains are late due to a major point failure at camberwell.
They now say that the missing Belgrave train is going direct from flinders street. I am suspicious that my Lilydale train will go direct.
The board changes: now to show the glen Waverly as next. The Lilydale train has vanished.
I decide to get on the next train and go to Richmond. But it is the Glen Waverly and it is not due for 10 minutes.
I don’t like this option. They then say the people for Blackburn and Alamein should go to platform 2 and change.
I decide this is a better option and head for platform to. As I do so they say that my train is going direct from flinders street.
Platform 2: the cranbourne train is pulling in the crowd is huge. Trot down three doors to got on the train. It is going the right way.
The announcement on the train says, melborne central is the next stop. I do not beleive it. My body says I am heading in the right direction. The led board also says next stop melbourne central. The other passengers seem to also notice it. We emerge from the tunnel, definitely heading for Richmond.
Train stops outside Richmond, but not for long. Bit we miss connecting with the blackbourne train.
Arrive at Richmond. Change two platform islands using the underpass. Had to walk quickly as the Lilydale train arrives. Look at the departure board. It is my normal train, running 5 minutes late. Good. I caught it and I will make the connection with my bus.
On the train. All is good. Get home on time.
Arriving at camberwell, I watch out for the broken point. There is a chance I will not see it. It may be on the other side of the train. But I do see it. The cover of a point changer is off. Two men in red reflective vests watch it. I didn’t think to take a photo.
Now I am on my normal 688 upper Ferntree gully bound bus.

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