Sakura Matsuri

Normally Keat and I meet to watch some Chinese soapies, but as spring is upon us I suggested to head out for a trip. Little did I realise when I suggested Keat pick a place, that I would be driving half way across the state. So with a late start we headed off to my Grandfather’s birth place, Cowra, for the incorrectly named Sakura Matsuri at the Japanese Gardens. There are no photos of the trip out there as we needed to conserve all our time to get there before the gardens closed. We got there just before 2PM.

Sakura Matsuri Trip
Sakura Matsuri TripSakura Matsuri TripSakura Matsuri TripSakura Matsuri TripSakura Matsuri TripSakura Matsuri Trip

After visiting the garden, we headed over to Prisoner Of War Camp 12, which is famous as the one where the Japanese prisoners staged their break out in WWII.

At Prisoner of War Camp 12
At Prisoner of War Camp 12At Prisoner of War Camp 12At Prisoner of War Camp 12At Prisoner of War Camp 12At Prisoner of War Camp 12At Prisoner of War Camp 12

And as dusk started to be upon us, we headed back to Sydney, stopping to take photos of some of the canola fields and the wind farm at Blayney. (And I got a new hat and icon on some of the sites I use.)

Sakura Matsuri Trip
Blaney Wind FarmCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola Fields
: hi yewenyi
 hello, just a quick note. I havent been able to get into
imeem, emails or utube for nearly 2 months now, tho someone
else has logged in. Have been sexually assualted in my home
again, last sunday night. knocked out and didnt see
attacker. when I went for rape kit few weeks ago 2 knife
marks on right breast and right hand and have been in total
despair. left messages on ombudsman phone. someone local
possibly from M Standen band. I cant believe all this. I
cant believe things this corrupt and complaints shut down
from top etc or how they do it. probs fake reports on me,
doctored pics, fake police info on computer. etc.anyway
someone else has logged into utube and imeem. trying to get
passwords via microsoft this week.
somebody else has put up deleted baby you got it on you
tube. Im not game to go and have a look. sometimes just
logging on makes me feel sick. I am so disheartened. I feel
like so sad my complaints not dealt with and criminals like
that can come into my home whenever they like. Belinda and
her silly husband have gotten away with it too. Obeid from
terrigal is also a very bad man, their political advisor
[nsw labour] he lives terrigal. I had told Belinda I told
Malcolm, he is just great. I think they have put ’round
something going on with us, which of course is rubbish.
someone rotten at channel 9 too, today show. they read of
the prompter and it is someone who writes the daily blurbs.
I told them this once B4. It was the 2 journos who went to
“advise” iemma, so I was right. I think NSW must be the
most rotten govt in western world. Obvious Obeid wrote
belinda staff stats and they have dirt file on Kevin re
poll dancer, or more, [who cares] which is why he didnt
sack belinda.
can you get copies of bygi and masks from youtube. they
have taken mine and I dont have them at all anymore.
thanks for everything

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