2008 trip day 2 – leaving the coast and heading inland

This map covers part of the day before. I started the day in Port Macquarie.

2008-10-27 track

I started the day in Port Macquarie. I had to wait for the supermarket to open, so I had a nice breakfast of fruit and yoghurt.


I then did a little tour of the town.

Port Macquarie

Port MacquariePort MacquariePort MacquariePort MacquariePort Macquarieport macquarie

I then headed across the water on the ferry. However, my reading of the map turned out to be wrong and the only road out was dirt and lead 80km further north than I wanted to travel. So I headed back across the ferry (the one way price was $2.50) and then inland.

Port MacquariePort MacquariePort MacquariePort MacquariePort MacquariePort Macquarie

On the map, it said, historic bridge. So I stopped to have a look. I have not seen a bridge like it in Australia. It was a very interesting suspension bridge made of wood and steel wire.

Hasting River

Hasting RiverHasting RiverHasting RiverHasting RiverHasting RiverHasting River

Continuing to head up to the New England Plateau, I came across an area by the side of the road that had been recently burned. Some of the logs were still smouldering and I was quickly covered in ash.



As I continued up the Hastings river valley I made a few stops and short side trips.

Hasting RiverForbes RiverHasting RiverOxley HighwayOxley HighwayYarras

Continuing, I saw a sign to a camp-site and thought it would be good to stop to have a look.

Mummel Gulf National Park

Then I was into waterfall country, the end of the Plateau, and visited Tia Falls and Aspely Falls.

Aspley Falls

Aspley FallsTia FallsTia FallsTia FallsAspley FallsTia Falls

As the day drew to an end, I decided to stop at Uralla rather than push through to Armidale.



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