Drama at Vic Roads

I headed off to Vic Roads in Tally Ho this morning to change my car Rego and Drivers Licence from NSW to Victoria. I arrived a little early and took off the old number plates. I was about 20th in the queue to get in the door at 8:30 for my 8:35 appointment. It seems that the person I was supposed to see was not to start until 9AM. So they kindly got me another person to do the car rego change over. I seemed to have lost my rego papers, but I was still able to do this. They could not find my second appointment for my drivers licence, which annoyed me as I had taken some Leave to do this. I do not know how it was resolved, if they found my appointment or if they just let me do it anyway, but I went to another counter as was also able to change over my drivers licence before I left. All in all they people were very friendly and efficient and I was happy with the way the problems were openly acknowledged and resolved.

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  1. Strangely the pattern match was perfect. A form. I guess I knew. But still it has not happened. For a while. Good to be on target.

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