Lennon Bros. Circus

At the Lennon Brothers Circus they annoyingly said that we were it allowed to take photos of the performance because of “copyright reasons”. Of course this is a totally misleading copout. Copyright law does not say you can’t take a poto or video of the performance. It is Lennon Brothers management saying you can’t take a photo or video. Copyright law gives them the right to say this. They could choose to let you take a photo or video and copyright law would allow that too.

Apart from that we had a great time at he circus. The kids loved it and I expect we will go back. They wanted to see the animals the most. I think that they would not go if there were no animals. But in the end it was the acts with the people that they enjoyed the most.

Unfortunately the grounds were very muddy. But it is that time of year. Still it was an excellent location for the circus.

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