giant hairy golden centipede

Thus dream had quite a preliminary, that I only vaguely recall.

I was with a man, though I am just a ghostly observer. A woman and a man came down to from a near by hotel. Everyone is wearing business suits. The man from hotel passes the first man a pen. He says as he throws it to the ground: that is how they work.  As a special effect we zoom into the pen. There is a Tracking chip inside it.

They run away across the ground, through the tall concrete legs of the buildings above that cover the car parks and roadways. The first man takes off and the two from the hotel have a hard tome keeping up. They leave me. I have to will myself to follow.

We come to a car park down ramp escalator. The first man leads the way. The ramp is very steep and we slide down it even though it is going up. The ramp cork screws down into the underground car park. The first man has gone by he couple run as fast as they can, but there is nowhere to go.

As they hide behind a concrete pillar others come down the driveway ramp. They take the man and woman into a plush business fitted our room behind smoked glass doors we had not seen before. The first man was in there.

I picked up the pen and looked at it. they all looked surprised.

The dream morphs. We are in a room. A man comes into consciousness.

Scene change: we zoom along an underground corridor along a set of hospital beds. A man in a cream suit with a red beard sleeps on one of the men. As he wakes up, two others come in. They are unhappy. They say to the groggy first man – he got away!

The groggy man looks at a bench. There is a giant hairy golden centipede there. At first the other men are not interested. But then one looks at it closely. It has furry golden antenna. It scuttles off into the gloom. The men follow. What looked like a dead end opens up into an underground tunnel. The centipede moves very fast. The men follow and come out into a cavern foyer.

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