Chestnut Festival

When I lived here before I never went to the Chestnut Festival. But this year we did. Being in Kalorama, we just walked the back way down to the Memorial Park. This was good as the parking was at a premium. The kids headed straight to the jumping castle, train and merry go round. They bought a few show bags and we wandered around the various stalls. After we went to the playground, which the kids know well as it is the closest to our place. In a way Krysta behaved like she owned the place and made several people very dizzy on the spinning tea cup. While Kirsten wandered around the festival, I took the kids to the Karwarra Australian Guardens as they were open an hour later on this day. Afterwards we walked home. All in all it was a good day, though we did not have any chestnuts.

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