The rental house.

This was quite a long and complex dream. It faded quite quickly so this is more of a summary.

I am in a place in a hilly forest. I am talking to a real estate agent. I am looking at getting a new house for rent. I rent a house, based only on the information of a photo of the front of it and the technical details, like having three bed rooms.
Two weeks later I move in. I get there by tram. First I am meeting some people I know. The house is in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. I turn on my phone to work out where to go and which tram to catch. But first my phone thinks that I am in the north west of victoria, somewhere near Kyenton, and then out in Gippsland. It is of no use. It will not locate me correctly.
I hop on a tram. Most of the others are going by car. I cannot contact the ones in the car, but I arrange to meet the guy going by tram to meet for dinner. But I get off a the wrong stop. I wander the streets of the city for a while. At times it is a bit frustrating and I am not sure where I am, or if I am going the right way. Quite a few of the street scenes are the same as from other dreams. Still we manage to meet up.
One of the others, from the car arrives at our eating place, up at the top of a hill by the tram track in a commercial strip shopping district in the north east suburbs. But she has already eaten.
I leave them to go to my house. It is a weatherboard three bedroom house on a large, flat, rectangular block. I note that both the second and third bedrooms are small and have three bed bunks built into them. The kitchen/lounge is big.
I am in a cafe talking to a real estate agent form another firm. She is saying that tomorrow, Sunday, is an inspection day and that people will be coming through. I am a bit annoyed I tell her that I have moved in. She seems surprised. She goes back to my place to get the paperwork. She had never heard of my real estate agent. But it seems that the paperwork is in order and I go back to the house.

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