We were sitting in a two hour lecture at FIT. I can’t remember the subject. At the end of the lecture the lecturer left to go down to the staff room. He went the long way, down to the slowest lift in the known universe and then back to the staff room.

The staff room was one floor down, nearly underneath the lecture room.

So we all ran down the fire stairs, which connected the lecture theater and staff room by the shortest path. Outside the staff room were lockers, small ones modified to accept assignments. We had to get our assignments into the lockers before the lecturer arrived.

While running down the fire stair I hurt my ankle. One of the passing students grabbed my assignment and took it to the locker for me. I walked back up to the lecture room where school bag and stuff were located.
As I walked from the back door to the second front door I began to feint. For the last few rows of chairs, I had to use the chairs for support. I only just made it to my chair before I collapsed. I had feinted. As far as I know, this has been my only feint.

I started to wake up. At first I felt like I was in my bed waking up. But this was replaced by confusion. I was clearly sitting up in a seat. As I regained control of me body and began to sit upright I could hear voices. They were concerned. Chris Georgiou grabbed my shoulder and asked if I was okay. I was still very groggy. I came around quite quickly after that. My body was still numb and a bit tingly with the drugs it had produced to make me feint in the first place.

The others said they had watched me enter the room. At first they thought I was acting but then I feinted and they thought I had died.

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