Observation Tuesdays – iPhone and the kid's descriptions

I do a few things on my iPhone that when the children describe them surprise the living daylights out of me.

  1. Krysta said once when she wanted something demanded that I have to “put it in my phone”. I stood there dumbfounded. How could I do that? My phone is not a bag. After asking her what she meant it turned out that she had been watching me put things into my phone. What she meant was, when I am asked to buy something, I whip put my phone and type it into it. What she did not know was that I use the reminder app as a shopping list. So it turns out, putting it in my phone means put it on the shopping list.
  2. When I feel that someone is telling me something that I think is factually wrong, like a previous post I did on looking up the supposed law about sitting in the back of the car until they are nine. I go onto my phone and look it up, usually on google. The other day when I told the girls that Fathers day was not today (Saturday) but tomorrow (Sunday) , Krysta demanded that I check the veracity of my claim on my phone.

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