Danni's going away

Had a dinner in the Cricketers Arms Hotel for Danni‘s a-going to Deutschland.

Man: that’s what he meant: free of charge&

Woman1: you said it means he’d want this!
W2:: yes you did!

Woman: you are going to explain this too!
Man: oh no, not that as well!

Man1: well fucking explain the French maid bit
M2: no!

Woman: the dinosaurs still won’t!

Man: oh shit! They tried that!

Man: you fucking are now! Frigging they did!

Woman: you are going to explain why you said he wanted that when he didn’t even know this!

Man in bicycle: I saw a jet star brochure, I thought I might try them. Last time I went to tonga on virgin blue I had a bad experience. But then I thought to look on the Internet first.

Woman: how can we do anything when the racists won’t stop!

Woman: who said we think like that?!
Man: the American did

Man: oh no, not the handle bit!

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