Dream Tuesdays – the factory

I think variants of this dream have occurred a few times.

I am in a dirty industrial city. There is a street the runs up along a narrowed valley. On one side is this dirty grey-brown factory complex that is clad in the aluminium sheeting they use on roofs, painted a fawny brown. On the other side a little struggling pine forest on a tall sand dune.

At the entrance to all of this is a gate. The general public are not allowed in.

I am walking along the top of a sand dune, past the factory. There is no fence. I meet a friend from Sydney at end of the dune. There is a path leading down to the beach. Looking around I see that the dune is very eroded on the beach side as is immensely about to collapse.

My friend walks off down the path to the beach. I don’t.

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