Well I spent one day at Arcanacon. I had last visited in 2006. This year I played three sessions, but did not take many photos. As usual the place was efficiently run.
The first game was based on Ghost Busters. It would have been good if I had watched the movies again in recent memory. But we managed to save the world and sink our cruise liner in the middle of the Hudson River in New York. Quite a good days work.
The second was a AD&D by Gary Fay. It was a bit long, but I think in the old days we would have romped through it. I always like Gary’s modules.
The third was a side adventure to Peter Strong’s now complete anime inspired Japanese 14 part game. It was a bit weird know what would happen in the future but the team an module were good. We managed to completely destroy the opossing companies research facility and grab their artificial intelligence creations.
beware of leopardsigns

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