Australia Day 2009 – a day for catching up with people

Australia day was also a day of meeting people and eating. I met up with Rodney in the morning for Breakfast on Brunswick Street in Carlton. I was a little early as I had misjudged the time to drive to Fitzroy from Werribee. So I took a few pics.

canadian breakfast


In the afternoon I went around to visit Helen and Monica Morgan and share in their Australia Day family BBQ.

suburban bbq

After lunch on Australia Day.Helping outBackyard bbq, Australia DayBackyard bbq, Australia Day

And then in the afternoon I met up with Mike and Jess at the Melbourne Flickr Photo meet on a roof top in Melbourne.



I did not end up going to Arcanacon for the post arc party as I was felling very tired after all the exertions and had to drive back to Sydney the next day.

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