Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-28

  • A little window of opportunity to travel by boat to the North Pole and then walk over to the pole.
    RT @SciAm #
  • Teresa standing and pointing and saying, there's Africa India. I look up. It turns out that Africa India. is the name of the soft toy which is now dry. #
  • And all the pillaging makes him feel sick, but he wouldn't want do to disappoint his dad, yo Ho, yo Ho. #
  • Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 #
  • Deleting the file fixed the crash, but now I need to work out what damage that deletion did. #
  • @maxphillips there have been problems in the 4s, I am using it on a 4. I don't see a problem with the maps. in reply to maxphillips #
  • #downsides #
  • Australian Catholic Church admits child abuse #Aljazeera #
  • The white ute man overtaking on a mountain curve dodging the oncoming bicycle leaving at the most 6 inches clearance. #ziltch #NSFR #
  • Kirstens phone had a complete body transplant. I guess it's working organs will be used to repair other phones. #
  • @booboomcgoo lol, won't repeat, 'cos next time it'll be the second time you try to wash the dog & the second time the dog tries to bite you. in reply to booboomcgoo #
  • Tried the Beef Rendang @ The Soda Tree Fortune Hut #
  • Tried the Crispy Skin Chicken @ Fortune Hut – #
  • #indonesia #
  • Slept in, no breakfast, hungry. #
  • Boom gates down, walk extra fast to the platform, but it was the moorolbark train, not mine. #
  • @stilgherrian when I looked to Croydon Station, instead if the train station not 10 km away it gave me a farm in FNQ. in reply to stilgherrian #
  • One sign in the middle of the carriage is a poor design, one at each end would be good if there wasn't handrails blocking the view. #metro #
  • painted shed #
  • Roof Ornaments #
  • Much joy an mirth on the Lilydale train today. 🙂 #
  • Integrating over the curve δf/δτ, intersecting CD. #
  • ∫δf/δTp ∈ →CD #
  • Because @考慮 is talking a our doing number twos, @塔里木 says she needs to do a number three. #
  • Is hoping the 3G network works better now that a those early adopters have jumped ship to the 4G network. #
  • Defending multiculturalism is in all our interests – The Drum Opinion via @abcthedrum #
  • @merejames If you integrated an electric skate board with a back pack that would be better, I'll race you tot he to the patents office. in reply to merejames #
  • Chinese Icons #
  • CSC Pass! #
  • Elon Musk's new re-usable, hovering rocket ship in first test liftoff #
  • Sony to fling $642m at scandal-hit Olympus #
  • RT How Awe Stops Your Clock @SciAm #
  • SHA-3 hash finalist Schneier calls for halt in crypto contest #
  • All of the computers seem to be having a bad computing day today. #
  • Telstra wants me to vote for the new EA agreement, the Union says no, the vote is tomorrow. How do I decide? #
  • Bicycle Film Festival 2010 Street Fair #
  • Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup #
  • 大國嗎 #
  • @Melissainau so, how much more German is south Australian English than say, Victorian English? in reply to Melissainau #
  • Rack Unit Measuring Tape #
  • @Melissainau I played for a Lutheran Church cricket club. They always say how many german words there are, I only knew of don for saussage. in reply to Melissainau #
  • @Fraser_inAu please explain the pig fish… #
  • #Mosquitoes #
  • #luckyDragon #
  • indicating the onset of crystallisation of ice are first observed for n = 275 ± 25; for n = 475 ± 25, (for H2O) #
  • Clearly drivers of black soft top cars don't feel a need to even slow down for stop signs. #NSFR#
  • Very few people on the train this morning. #
  • Perriscope detial #

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