The Fortune Hut

Kirsten and I finally made it for dinner to the Fortune Hut. We had tried before, but it is not open on Saturdays so we could not get there with out the kids, and I am reluctant to take Krysta because she will not even try foods.

The first dish I ordered was Beef Rendang. This is my signature test dish and, as it is a favourite, I use it as my yard stick for judging a place.

Rendang Image

The second dish I ordered was crispy skinned chicken, again a favourite.

crispy skinned chicken image

Finally we had some roti. All in all a good test.

roti image

So the verdict? For a suburban restaurant, 3.5 stars.

The food was simple and good. The crispy skinned chicken was good. The roti could have been thinner. Disappointingly the Rendang was not Rendang but a Chinese idea of Rendang, but still a good and tasty dish.

Now, I need to try and find a Malaysian-Chinese place that has otak-otak.

Will I be going back? Yes.

The Fortune Hut
835 Mount Damdenong Road

(03) 9728 3288

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