Warburton Day 2, October Trip 2012

Our second day at the caravan park. We managed to leave some important tings behind so I had to return to home to get them. On the way I took Angelika into Lilydale to see Tony, who turned out to be on a course and not there. I then returned to the Warburton Caravan Park after having shopped for food for the week.

In the afternoon I went on a ride with Milla and Krysta, down stream into Warburton along the walking track. We missed the start of the Lilydale Warburton Rail Trail, but they had a good time and loved the suspension bridge.

Teresa watching the ducks and, most excitingly, the ducklings. We told here no to go near the river as it was so high. She was very good. The ducklings were such a temptation.

Our car and cabin.

The Yarra River, just below minor flood level. Aparently they are letting out the water to lower the dams in anticipation of above average rains. But the down side was that the girls could not go swimming in the river.


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