slowies ride

Today I went on the slowies bike ride with the Dulwich hill bicycle club. We started at Macs Bicycle shop on Marrickville road at 6:30 AM and rode to Centennial Park. Unfortunately I forgot to turn on the GPS so I only have the return trip. The others spent time riding around the park for 45 minutes. I stopped and rested. We then returned back to Marrickville and had breakfast at the wonderful Marrickville Road Cafe. I will certainly be doing more rides with this club.
I also experimented with taking a video. The mobile phone is in the clear plastic part of the handle bar bag.

I have downloaded the Prune program to draw my map. It shows the route and the altitude which is cool for a GNU free program. The ride is from right to left on the map, but left to right on the altitude.
return from cetennial park to marrickville
16.4 kmh is a bit abysmal and I struggled on the hills to keep up. In fact I was dropped from the pack on every hill. But I caught up again. Still, once I am going well I should be able to manage 25 kmh on average.
3d view of ride from centennial park to marrickville
Now I need to do the ride to work and back to show the map, also into 400G in the city.

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