Juniper training, house issues and a night walk

Another Juniper training course in North Sydney. This one was very busy and for 5 days. I learned a lot. I have to say I have a personal preference for Juniper over Cisco as the command line is much easier to drive.

juniper training

Then when I came home, the builder had finally started on the planter boxes. He had to remove the plants, which he replanted in the garden and in pots, air conditioner and dirt, to try and find the two leaks in the planter box. Unfortunately he caused a earth leakage fault which meant that I could not run more than one light and the mobile phone recharger. The food in the fridge was lost. I first knew when the alarm company rang and said there was a loss of power on the alarm unit. However, the battery lasts a long time. I was impressed. The builder fixed the power problem the next day. I could not have a shower as the hot water, though gas, needs electricity to work.

the damagethe damagethe damagethe damage

So in the evening I did another of my weekly walks. This time I discovered a cliff in Sydenham and suffered vertigo. But otherwise I was fine.

guarding the rail corridor

cheesecake shop03 unwins bridge roadpath closedlightmemorialmemorial

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