In search of a blue tongue

Well, I headed off in search of a blue tongue lizard. They are impossible to get in NSW, because of stupid laws relating to native animals, and eventually I worked out I should look in Canberra where they are much more liberal and sensible in their approach to life. Though I had done the correct thing and purchased a licence to keep such animals. I found a place looking on the net.

Canberra Exotic Pets
1 Samson Place
Kambah ACT 2902

So I headed off to Canberra as my car lease will be running out soon. I was surprised to find myself on a suburban street. It is a backyard and garage operation. But I have to say, I was very very impressed. They were helpful, very knowledgeable and good at assisting me with my unusual requirements. Unfortunately, it turns out blue tongues are very short sighted and will fall off things. As I live on the third floor of a building, this would be fatal. So I left without a blue tongue and instead with a set of requirements I needed to meet. To do this I need to talk to my body corporate, as I want to put a fence around the planter box to protect the little animals from falling and this will impact the appearance of the building.

The trip down to Canberra was very fogy. It was one of those thin fogs, so you find yourself wearing sunglasses but with the fog lights on.

Badcoe VC Rest Area

Badcoe VC Rest AreaBadcoe VC Rest AreaBadcoe VC Rest Area&Badcoe VC Rest AreaBadcoe VC Rest AreaBadcoe VC Rest Area

I spent the night with some good friends and the next day headed back to Sydney.



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