A disaster in Rennes, Bretagne région, France.

I was visiting Rennes. Lots of dreams that for some reason involved massive changes of scale, zooming in and out. I am looking what appears to be a branch. But it may be a road or a log. It is huge and cylindrical. It reminds me of a bone, a person’s arm bone. Along the top is a road with old style cottages along either side. Horses and carts come and go. I wonder when it is. They year is 1235. There is some disaster and the bone construction has been broken. It has re-healed, but like a bone that is not correctly set. The breakage is something to do with the Christian church. Too much force was applied. A societal disaster. The society is fractured. The pain was great. The suffering lasts till this day. They ask for help. But I am not sure what to do. I zoom in and out to assess the situation. In the end I re-break the bone. I place the two ends together, but they do not heal. So I provide a splint of sorts to join the ends. It is some kind of iron ring. This I do not understand. It is better than before, but still not fixed. After a year or two it rejoins. This dream keeps on re-occurring for years. Slowly we fix the problem. More breaks are required. But it is not easy.

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