of Japanese Vending Machines

I thought the vending machines in Japan were a great idea. I even liked how you found them inside youth hostels and as a result, when back in Australia discovered that I did not know how to pronounce the names of any Japanese beers on the grounds that I had always purchased beer from vending machines, including in said youth hostels. Now maybe the stuffy rules hostels here in Australia could learn a thing or two from their Japanese counterparts. Unfortunately some of the same said Australians cannot get over the fact that some people but panties from vending machines. One day they might grow up. One machines they do not have in this photo archive, is the hot food vending machine. I ate a take away meal from one in Naha on Okinawa.

This site has lots of interesting vending machines including all of the types I have discussed so far. But my favorite is the recycling one shown here. Now they need these machines in South Australia. (You will have to buy an can or bottle of drink in Australia to find out why.)

I originally came across this site from a Japanese Radio podcast, which I think comes from my favorite Japanese city, Okayama. It is couple of really cool Americans, one who speaks Spanish. But beware of the cows.

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