An endless sea of peaceful minds

I am sleeping in a capsule hotel in Osaka, Japan. (this much is true). When I went to sleep, I was almost alone. I am aware. For some reason I am now facing the opposite way to what I went to sleep. My head is next to the bamboo shutter over the end of my capsule. I feel that I could reach out and open the shutter. It is not locked. But I choose not to. Whereas the place was empty when I went to sleep, now it is full. I can feel the grid formed by the capsules stretching down a few rows and left and right into the distance. The place is now full of people and there are very many. Two rows down and more than ten in each direction to the left and right. Their minds are peacefully asleep and there is a strange relaxing, comfortable feeling to the place.

When I woke up, the place was really full of people and they were all there using the facilities the next morning. It was a single sex place, so the business women were using the same bathroom facilities as the men. They were just one more person in the pace and no exception was made.  It was all very formal and demure.

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