and endless green plain

I am traveling along a road across a dead flat endless green plain. It is a pleasant and uneventful journey. Off to one side is a river valley. I am traveling comfortably. Not in a car or any other such vehicle, but nor am I walking or running. In fact the idea of a road is just that, an idea. There is a side road into the valley. I go down there. There is a river and a series of rapids, waterfalls and lakes. People are scattered over this landscape. There are lots of people I know. I spend some time with them. It is a friendly and caring place. I could stay for a long time. But I only stay a short time and in the end I leave. I have somewhere else to go. A destination I do not understand. So I climb back out of the valley onto the endless green plain. I continue my journey.

From when I lived in West Melbourne.

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