gunshots and smashed stacks of disks

this is very recent, from only two nights ago. I have not had a dream like it before.  This dream has visuals, but no sound or feelings.

I am sitting down. Suddenly there is an explosion and my face is bleeding from shards of shattered DVD material. It has come from my stack of disks I used for backups that has been hit by a bullet. So I stop and have a look around. I am in a strange place. There are two other people there, in this place. I do not know who they are, but it correct that they are there. They help.

We go over the cause of events.  I was sitting in a terrace house, in the kitchen. The house is painted a soft pink with a little hint of peach. We leave the scene and head up to the front of the house. There is a street at the front and a lane at the back. At the front of the house is a 10 foot high brick wall and then a foot path. The road is a local street. We watch a man with a  shot gun sneak past the house and then around the lane-ways to the back.

Then I wake up.

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