Should we hate apec, the government and the police?

Perhaps if they behave like idiots we should or else Australia will become a police state.

Just heard that J had his camera and film confiscated by the cops this morning when spotted taking a picture near the base of the “wall”. My understanding is that he wasn’t even taking a shot of the wall itself.

I had a man with a gun tell me I couldn’t go into the convention center the other day, (i had a work thing to do, but didn’t have the correct pass to get where I needed to be).

Maybe they should never hold APEC in Sydney again. Some small island of the coast sounds like a good idea.
And an interesting little article from Melbourne. If the police are going to close ranks to protect stupid behavior then we need to close ranks to protect ourselves from unwarranted harassment.
“J” by yewenyi [?]

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