Well I just watched a documentary on the effect of the Springbok tour of NZ in 1981 (I think) and the immense impact it had on the overall process in South Africa. But it raises many questions and points.

  1. The ANC was a banned organization. How many other organizations that are currently banned will go onto become the party in power in a country? Will it be the Sri Lankan ones? There seem to be so many?
  2. Only South Africa got it right. No one else seems to have. Zimbabwe botched it. Israel is unable to make friends with the PLO and Hammas. Why is this so?
  3. Why is it that governments refuse to listen to the protests of their own people? (Such as the NZ government and sports bodies in trying to stop the protests.) But then again how many of these movements ever bring about good results? Is South Africa a special case that cannot be repeated else where?
  4. Why is it that people in South Africa were so afraid of their own security forces and through that the NZ’s were such whimps? What kind of person shoots another for protesting injustice just because they were told to do so. Are the blind? Are the malicious?
  5. If an aeroplane dropped flower bombs like the one in NZ, would it be shot down?

Well that is all for now. There will be many more such comments if I continue down this path. But I am sure that the rest of you are capable of working these out for your selves.

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