different tyres

Jimny in Albury
Suzuki Jimny

Back when I was living in Cammeray (1997 ish), my car was parked out on the street. We were at home, watching the TV. There was a loud bang of a car crash. One of our neighbours near the front of the block of units ran out onto the street. The car that crashed into the back of mine was a suzuki switf. He tried to get the car to stop, but it would not. He got the number plate. 6 months later, the police sent a letter that they could not track down the car and were closing the case. The numberplate was for a car registered in the town of Urana (If I have remembered that correctly.)

Sometime within two years I purchased a Suzuki Jimny and joined the 4WD drive club. They made some comments about people who stole tyres and the need to keep a watch out for cars with different tyres. They seemed to know who might be doing this.

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