Unfair Elections Results

I have been watching the results of Australian elections for a while now and have noted that in a few ways they represent a gerrymander and are still coming up with mathematically unfair results. The WA elections are a case in point.

This table is not very neat. But you can see a better version here. If the system was truly representational then people would get candidates approximately in the same proportion to their vote. The table below shows that this is not the case. This is why a system such as those used in Tasmania or the ACT are far better than those used in other states.

      % Vote Won Likely Nominal    DifferenceLabor     35.9       26      20          6Liberal   38.7       22      21          1National   4.9       4        3          1Greens    11.5       0        6         (6)Others     9         3        5         (2)

A simple calculation of error being difference divided by total, gives 8 over 55 or a 15% error. I wonder what sort of error would be considered fair?

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